Chicago Police Lieutenants Association

Fellow Lieutenants

The tentatively agreed (TA) to provisions for a successor collective bargaining agreement is attached. After review and vote by the Board of the Chicago Police Lieutenant’s Association - PBPA Unit 156B the TA vote was unanimous for those present with 1 member excused and is recommended to the membership for approval. You will be receiving ballots that will be mailed to each Lieutenant's listed address on January 2, 2014. Please review the TA and accompanying side letter.

We will be having two informational meetings to facilitate understanding of the proposed agreement and address membership concerns. The first meeting will be held on 6 Jan 14 at 1900 hrs in the 022nd District Community Policing room. The second will be on 9 Jan 14 at 1900 hrs in the 016th District. While we have a General Membership meeting on 14 Jan 14 at Home Run Inn Pizza (4254 W. 31st St) at 1600hrs, the TA discussion there will be extremely limited.

This TA has to be evaluated against the backdrop of Arbitrator Bierig’s award in the Sergeants’ interest arbitration. The arbitrator chose to rule on 5 economic issues, and left the rest to any agreement made between the parties. Arbitrators don’t typically like to rule on operational issues because they do not have a sufficient understanding of the issues. Operational issues are best negotiated by the parties.

Additionally, the burden would fall on us to prove why we would be entitled to a better economic package than the Sergeants have already been awarded. The arbitrator would be reviewing virtually the same economic information, such as the CPI, the wages of other City employees and the wages being paid to Lieutenants in other comparable cities, which Arbitrator Bierig reviewed. Since we have a “me too” with the FOP and the Fire Captains, our chances of getting additional economic benefits on our own was unlikely. The negotiating team of Lt Bob Stasch, Lt Dean Stone and I tried to focus on operational issues specific to our rank, both historically and currently as our role is ever evolving.

The TA is the result of our long negotiation. There is also a new side letter at the end explaining Out of Area Details. There were things we wanted that didn’t work out, as well as things the city wanted to which we would not agree. The operational changes, good and bad, all lean on each other to culminate in the “Tentatively Agreed to Provisions for Successor Collective Bargaining Agreement” The negotiating team would have liked to reach a few more of our objectives, but are satisfied that we got the best deal we could obtain. The Board recommends that the membership vote to ACCEPT the TA as presented. Changes to the Agreement are in red or blue, lines are through existing language that will be deleted and side letter at the end.

Finally, on behalf of everyone on your Board of Directors, please have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.


Mike Ryan
Chicago Police Lieutenant’s Association

City Comptroller's Letter to Annuitants–15 May 2013


May 15, 2013


Dear City of Chicago Annuitant:

I am writing to update you of developments regarding retiree healthcare benefits. Under the Korshak Settlement Agreement, the City of Chicago agreed to provide support for healthcare coverage to annuitants through June 30, 2013. The Settlement Agreement also required that the City establish a Retiree Healthcare Benefits Commission (“RHBC”) that, among other duties, was to make recommendations on the state of retiree healthcare benefits, their related cost trends, and issues affecting the offering of retiree benefits after July 1, 2013. Earlier this year, the RHBC fulfilled its duties and provided Mayor Emanuel with its report. Those recommendations can be found online at cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/fin/provdrs/ben.html.

After reviewing the findings of the report, and after hearing many of the concerns expressed by retirees, employee representatives and industry experts, the City has decided the following:

  1. The City will extend current coverage and benefit levels through December 31, 2013. This additional time will allow retirees to maintain coverage for a full plan year, recognizing what we heard from many retirees who have planned deductible and out of pocket expenditures based on an expectation of full year coverage. The City will, however, adjust the benefit levels provided under the current plan starting January 1, 2014.

  2. After January 1, 2014, the City will provide a healthcare plan with a continued contribution from the City of up to 55% of the cost for that plan for their lifetimes to the City retirees who are members of the Korshak and “Window” Sub-Classes, meaning those City annuitants who retired prior to August 23, 1989. In short, the City will continue to substantially subsidize these retirees' healthcare plan as it does today.

  3. For all annuitants who retired on or after August 23, 1989, in light of the evolving landscape of national healthcare and challenges faced by Chicago taxpayers, the City will need to make changes to the current retiree healthcare plan. These changes will likely include some adjustments in premiums and/or deductibles, some benefit modifications and, ultimately, the phase out of the plan by the beginning of 2017. The City expects to announce the details of this revised structure this summer, so that all retirees, current and future, will have all the information they need to appropriately prepare for this important component of retirement planning. With the changes taking place in the national healthcare market, we will ensure retirees have the information needed to navigate the options available for their healthcare needs going forward, both for Medicare and non-Medicare eligible retirees. As you know, retirees who are eligible for Medicare will continue to receive Medicare coverage, and supplemental Medicare plans are available from many insurance companies – as there are today – for retirees who wish to purchase additional coverage. And retirees who are not eligible for Medicare will have a broad range of healthcare plan options available to them as the Illinois health insurance exchange goes into effect in 2014.

One additional note – as you may know, the current retiree healthcare subsidy provided by the four Chicago pension systems is set to expire on June 30, 2013. If this subsidy is not reauthorized, retirees will likely be responsible for bearing any additional cost for their healthcare plan that is currently borne by their respective pension funds.

We look forward to working with you in the coming months to ensure you have all the information you and your family will need to make sound decisions regarding your retiree healthcare.


Amer Ahmad, City Comptroller

Download the original letter here.


VOTE "NO" (please read to the end) on the proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution, Resolution #49 on 06 November2012

On 01 October 2012, our City Council conducted hearings regarding city pensions including the Police & Fire Pensions. John Gallagher, Executive Director of the Police Pension Fund took the stand along with others to answer questions from the aldermen.

Mr. Gallagher is remarkable advocate for his constituents -the active and retired members of the police department. It was recently announced that Mr. Gallagher will be leaving our Fund. I hope the new Executive Director has the same fire as Mr. Gallagher.

Below are some facts and myths debunked at the hearings:

  • Our Pension is currently funded at approximately 35%.
  • Approximately 11,800 sworn members are currently contributing to our pension fund.
  • 3,200 sworn members are 50 years old with 20 years seniority (27% of all sworn members).
  • Approximately 55% of retirees continue to live and spend money in Chicago.
The city does not make their full payments to the pension fund.
The city has statutorily met all its payments to the pension fund.
The 2 times multiplier the city currently contributes to the pension is enough.
According to Executive Director Gallagher, he has repeatedly informed the city that the 2 times multiplier is NOT enough.
The pension fund is not hitting its mark on investments.
The Actuarial Assumption for our fund is 8%, the pension fund has actually averaged about 8.8% since 1974.  The Fund is currently over 10% for 2012, year to date (October 2012).
Active members will not contribute more than 9% of their salary to the pension.
Most active members will agree to a slight increase in the amount they contribute to their pensions Myth: Police pension COLAs are compounded annually.
Police Pension COLAs are NOT compounded.
No one born after 01 January 1955 will receive a COLA until they are 60 years of age and that COLA will be 1.5%.

According to a Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV Poll published on 16 October 2012, "Illinois voters overwhelmingly blame politicians for creating the state's public employee pension mess."

Executive Director Gallagher has been sounding the alarm for years. Voters know this is not a problem that occurred overnight. However, Alderman Richard Mell at the hearings is quoted, "We have to solve the situation as quick as we possibly can." (Chicago Tribune, 02 Oct 12). I hope the alderman means long term plans are needed, not a quick fix, because a quick, knee jerk reaction will NOT solve this problem.

VOTE "NO" on the proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution, Resolution #49!

One of these knee jerk reactions is the proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution, Resolution #49. This hastily written amendment WILL send many pension issues to the courts because it is written with such vague terms. No one wants their pension money/payments tied up in the Illinois Court System!!

Who will decide what a pension benefit increase is? Perhaps even the inequitable 1.5% COLA increase at age 60 will require a 3/5 majority of the legislature. Why let the courts decide on your pension! Please vote "NO" and tell your family and friends to vote "NO."

Lt. James Maloney
Pension Board Representative
Lt. Michael Dejanovich
Headquarters' Representative

Mayor’s Proposed Pension Reform

Fellow Lieutenants,

As all of you have heard by now, Mayor Emanuel has announced his Roadmap to Retirement Security, an effort to reduce the city’s liability by 40%. It was suggested that either his plan be adopted, or property taxes would have to be raised 150%. It’s hard to fathom that these are the only two options. The Mayor acknowledged that the “city employees… have done what was required of them with every pay stub.” How can those very individuals bear the majority of the burden to correct a system broken by legislators that kicked the funding down the road to crisis. Every employee who signed on with these governmental agencies did so knowing their obligation to duty would be rewarded by a modest pension plan defined from the start. The employees and pensioners have fulfilled their end of the bargain, only to find that right before retirement the Mayor wants to back out of the agreement. Although there is no proposal in writing, the direction is clear.

One of the many points of this plan that causes great concern is the suspension of COLA, or Cost Of Living Adjustment. The Mayor stated that that a city employee who retired in 1995 with a $60,000 pension collects $100,000 today. If the guy that did the math for the Mayor is the same one that crunches the pension numbers, it is no wonder we are facing these problems. A Police Officer at the maximum salary in 1995 earned $51,552.00. If he endured more than 32 years on the job, he would be entitled to 75% of his salary, or a $38,664 a year pension. Now add a 3% COLA increase per year (appx $1160 - which is not compounded per our system) and you have the pensioner collecting $58,382.64 per year. This is a far cry from the increase suggested by the example given in the press release from the Mayor’s address to the General Assembly. Furthermore, it is this type of example that invokes the outrage of tax payers that are relying on the facts as presented. It is an injustice to all parties concerned.

At the heart of this issue is the service that was given by members of public safety agencies. Police and Fire Department employees put their lives on the line every day. We have been injured, spit on, shot at, and had buildings fall on us, and have seen friends pay with their lives, yet we go back for more. Many say that is our job. We accept that and knew it going in. We also knew that we would have paid for and earned a modest pension for our labors. All we ask is that the Legislators, the Mayor, and anyone else listening stick to their end of the agreement. As Mayor Emanuel said, we have done everything that was asked of us.

If and when legislators move forward with this plan, all of you will be called on to reach out to your Representatives and let your voice be heard. Make sure you reach out to all the family members and friends that have witnessed the toll your commitment took on you and your family, and ask their Representatives to honor the commitment that was made to you when the job was taken.

Mike Ryan
Chicago Police Lieutenants Association

Area 2 Representative Appointed
(21 February 2012)

The board voted February 14 to appoint Mike Casey to the position of Area 2 Representative. Welcome aboard Mike and Congratulations.

(29 December 2011)

On January 1st I will be stepping down as the President of the CPLA. I want to thank the entire membership for allowing me to the privilege of leading the CPLA. It has been a lot of work but it has been very satisfying.

Please welcome Mike Ryan as the new President of the CPLA. Work with him and support his efforts. Do not allow the City or the CPD to turn us against ourselves. Work together to ensure a satisfactory new contract in the upcoming negotiations. Do not let petty issues come between you. Go to the Membership meetings and become an active voice. Working together we are strong.

I look forward to seeing everyone at future General Membership meetings

Bob Weisskopf

Sgt at Arms Election (8 December 2011)

There will not be a run off election for the Sergeant at Arms position. Ken Stoppa has notified me he is withdrawing from the race. Bob Lajewski will assume the postion of Sgt at Arms on January 1, 2012.

After discussions with many members of the executive board I have offered Ken Stoppa the postion of At Large Representative. Ken has graciously accepted. The board will meet next Tuesday to vote on the nomination and to make it official. This position will help ensure that all our membership is properly represented after the department finishes it upcoming gerrymandering of the units and districts. This position is in accordance with our by laws and will greatly enhance our ability to ensure that all our members are well represented.

ELECTION RESULTS (3 December 2011)

Ballots in the CPLA Elections were counted this morning at the 016 th District. It was as close a race as is possible. 170 ballots were received. There were no spoiled ballots.

In the race for Vice President of the CPLA, 85 votes were cast for Dean Stone, 83 votes were cast for Michael Stiscak. There were two ballots returned with no choice made for the Vice President race. Congratulations Dean and thank you Mike.

In the race for Sergeant at Arms between Ken Stoppa and Bob Lajewski the final count was 84 to 84 with two ballots returned with no choice made for Sergeant at Arms. Therefore we will have a run off election to determine the race. We will be letting you know further details as soon as we work them out.

78% of our eligible voting membership took the time to cast their vote and should be congratulated.

Sentinel Newsletter Corrections
(28 November 2011)

Mike Dejanovich the Headquarters Representative and John Gibbons the Sergeant at Arms were inadvertently left off the last page of the December 2011 Sentinel. They are still serving on our board. Sorry for the omission.

Participation is not a Spectator Sport (28 November 2011)

How many of us have watched a Bears game on Sunday afternoon and criticized the coaches and their play-calling for a bad outcome on the score board? I would venture to guess that most of us have been guilty of that particular action on at least a few occasions. As we are all aware, contract negotiations are looming right around the corner and they promise to be the most contentious in recent memory. With that in mind, I urge all members of the Lieutenant's Association to get involved and let their voices be heard.

At the time of this writing, the contested positions on the Lieutenant Association Board of Directors have not been finalized. Regardless of the outcome, we must pledge to work together for the greater good of our Association. This is the time for action, for collaboration and for reaping the benefits of an Association that operates as a unified front and not a fractured family. I call upon all of our members to let your voices be heard. Talk to your Association representatives; tell them what is most important to you. Offer suggestions for contract language clarification; think about priorities regarding contractual protections. Don't wait until it's too late to bring up that great idea…the contract protections we enjoy—or lack—may depend upon it.

Eve Gushes

Newly Retired Members
(16 November 2011)

Congratulations to all of our members who retire this fall. We wish you the longes and happiest retirement and thank you for your years of service. Please remember to go to the Member Update section and update your information. Make sure we have a new email address for you so that we can stay in touch. Good Luck to you all.

Election and Ballot Count
(16 November 2011)

Please remember to get your election ballot into the mail. We stamped the envelope for you so all you need to do is make your pick and drop it in the mail. We will be counting ballots on December 3rd at 10AM in the 016th District Community room. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.

Election (18 October 2011)

The time period for submitting a letter of intent to run for office has ended. There are two contested positions and there will be a election for these two positions. Ken Stoppa and Robert Lajewski are both running for the office of Sgt at Arms. Dean Stone and Mike Stiscak are running for the office of Vice President. You will receive ballots for this election at your home address around November 01, 2011. Completed ballots must be received by the election committee by 9:00AM on December 01, 2011. Ballots will be counted on December 3, 2011. The time and location will be announced later but will be open to any member who wishes to attend.

The following people have submitted a letter of intent for positions that are uncontested:
President: Mike Ryan
Treasurer: Bob Stasch
Secretary: Eve Gushes
These positions are uncontested and therefore in accordance with our bylaws they will take office for a two year term on January 01, 2012.

Congratulations to them.

(26 July 2011)

The new web site, firstresponderspensionfacts.com, designed to keep members informed of upcoming events regarding securing our pension is up and running. Please visit the site and comment if you like. The new site is connected to sites under the same name on Twitter and Facebook.

Keep in mind that the Sergeants and Lieutenants are planning a drive-in to Springfield for the Veto session in late October, busses will be provided.

Legislators review Twitter and Facebook when considering votes so please go to these sites and "Like" them or follow them. Your pension is at risk.

Reflection on Promises (5 May 2011)

By Sean M. Smoot, Director, Police Benevolent & Protective Association of Illinois. Read the article.

Legal Representation (12 April 2011)

Effective 11 April 2011 Attorney Joe FitzSimmons is no longer employed by the law firm that represents our members. If you have a pending grievence or CR investigation there will be no problem as the law firm will be assigning another attorney to your case. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the CPLA. If you have a new need for a CPLA attorney please contact the law firm of Robert Kuzas as always at 312-629-1400 to make arrangements.

The Professional Development Program (7 April 2011)

AMFN Message 111092 was sent out on 6 April 2011. It announces the first opportunity for Lieutenants to participate in two details. Please read over the message closely and if you are interested make sure you get your application in no later than 1700 hours on 15 April 2011.

A New Opportunity For Professional Growth (1 April 2011)

Sometime in the next few days the department will be announcing, via the Daily Bulletin, a new initiative for professional growth. Two spots will be identified that will be open to application by lieutenants for a 60 day detail during the 5th & 6th periods. One position will be in the Bureau of Investigative Services and one in the Bureau of Patrol Administration.

As previous updates in the Sentinel have explained, the higher ups in the Department have been looking for a mechanism to expose lieutenants to areas of supervision that they may have never had the opportunity to experience in the past. At the same time, it would allow for the bosses in these bureaus to see some of the currently untapped fine work and talent that our members possess. If successful, it is hoped that the lieutenants who avail themselves of this opportunity will expand their experiences and possibly showcase their abilities to maybe be used at a later date.

The application process will be delineated in the announcement, but it will include the submission of a resume, a letter of recommendation as well as a look at your disciplinary and medical history. Deputy Superintendent Cuello has stressed to the other deputies that is not to be an opportunity to bring back an old friend to a unit, but to bring in someone who has never been in the unit or at least not anytime in the recent past. Rest assured, the Board will be watching this closely to ensure that there is no bypassing of our members contractual rights. We have also been assured by MLAS Commander O’Neill that should a bid lieutenant apply and be selected, this detail will in no way impact their unit bid.

This is the first time such an initiative has been attempted. Should it prove successful, it will be expanded to include more lieutenants in future details as well as to begin a similar program for sergeants. When the announcement comes out and identifies specifically which positions are open, take a look and see if it would be something you would like to try for 60 days and if it is, throw your name in for consideration.

SB 1874 (17 March 2011)

On March 16th, I attended the Senate Committee on Pensions and Investments regarding Senate bill 1874 proposed by Senator Iris Martinez at the behest of outgoing FOP President Mark Donohue. As you remember this bill would essentially remove the Sergeants and the Lieutenants representatives from the pension board by making all elections for representatives “at-large” giving the FOP which has a vast superior number of voting members control of the Pension board. The hearing on the bill was called and testimony was given by Captain Marc Buslik and our PB&PA Chief Legal counsel Sean Smoot. The Committee voted to put the bill on hold until at which time all parties involved could come to an agreement. I wish to thank Captain Buslik, Sergeant Jim Ade, Sean Smoot who attended the committee hearing and all those that made phone calls to Senator Martinez’s office voicing your opposition to this bill; your phone calls definitely had an impact.

Dean Stone

E.T. Michael R. Flisk #6962
(29 November 2010)E.T. Michael R. Flisk

The Chicago Police Lieutenants Association offers our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of E.T. Michael R. Flisk. Michael will always remain in our hearts and prayers.

An account has been set up to assist the children of slain Evidence Technician Michael Flisk at the Chicago Patrolman's Federal Credit Union (CPFCU) Donations can be sent to the CPFCU at 1407 W. Washington Street, Chicago, Ill 60607, or at the south or north side branches.

2011 Challenge Coin (24 November 2010)

We just received the 2011 CPLA Challenge Coin. The donations received from this coin help fund our flower fund. We will have them available at our meeting. If you can not attend the meeting please contact Bob Weisskopf at to make arrangements. The coins are available for a $10 donation, each, plus $2 postage if we mail it via USPS. We have a very limited number of 2010 coins left available if you still do not have one for your collection.

DUES INCREASE (10 November 2010)

At yesterday’s CPLA Executive Board meeting our Treasurer Bob Stasch presented a budget proposal for 2011. It was obvious that we needed to make some financial changes to ensure we maintain sufficient funds in our accounts to provide for operational needs and to ensure that we would be able to manage any unforeseen problems that may arise in the next year.

Over this past year we reduced our expenditures by cutting back on the costs of our meetings and dinners. We eliminated the printing of the Newsletter and postage costs associated with it. We have cut back on every area that we really can and developed the challenge coin to offset the cost of our flower fund. Unfortunately our membership diminished and with it the amount collected as dues. The PBPA raised their dues which they had not done in ten years and badly need to do as well. Our investment accounts are earning very little because interest rates are ridiculously low. Simply said our income is down and our expenses are up. Our accounting firm suggested we raise dues to $33 per pay check. We felt that was too much. So in accordance with our Article IV Section 1 of our by-laws a motion was made to raise our dues to $30 / pay check effective 01 January 2011. This motion was seconded and then voted on by the Board of Directors of the CPLA. The vote was unanimous. Effective 01 January 2011, the dues for all CPLA active members as well as exempt members will be raised to $30 per pay check. Our upcoming December 2010 issue of the Newsletter will go into this in more detail and we will be happy to discuss this with everyone at our December 14 General Membership meeting at the Home Run Inn.

As we have done in the past should economic conditions improve we could reduce the dues should our needs be met.

Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements (18 October 2010)

NAPO has secured a victory in the signing of The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act of 2010 (S. 1132) into public law. We are all members of NAPO through the PBPA.

On October, 12, 2010, President Obama signed into law S. 1132, The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act of 2010. NAPO’s President Tommy Nee and Executive Director Bill Johnson worked to get this bill passed and signed into law. NAPO President Tom Nee will be receiving the pen used by the President to sign the bill in recognition of NAPO’s work getting this bill passed and signed into public law.

Since 1992, NAPO has fought to ensure the ability of off duty and retired officers to carry their firearm when traveling across state lines. In 2002 and 2004, NAPO’s Executive Director Bill Johnson submitted testimony before both House and Senate committees on behalf of this legislation. Throughout the 110th and 111th Congresses NAPO worked hard for passage of this key legislation.

The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements reduces the number of years a retired or separated law enforcement officer has had to serve in order to qualify to carry, from 15 years to an aggregate of 10 years or more. S. 1132 also includes Amtrak Police Department, Federal Reserve, and law enforcement or police officers of the executive branch as qualified law enforcement officers eligible to carry concealed firearms. The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements also designate new qualification procedures that will make the process easier for a retired or separated law enforcement officer to meet the requirements of firearms training. Firearms certification will be allowed to be in accordance with the standards of the officer’s former agency, the state where the officer resides and, if there are not state training standards, then the standards established by a law enforcement agency within the state or by a certified firearms instructor will suffice.

NAPO firmly believes that S. 1132 will help to ensure that all qualified off-duty and retired or separated officers across the nation will be able to carry firearms for the protection of themselves, their families and our nation’s communities. We will continue to work to protect law enforcement officers’ rights.

Committee (16 Sep 2010)

When the Chicago Police Lieutenants Association was originally founded it was strictly as a fraternal organization. As time went on and conditions changed the CPLA stepped in to become the bargaining unit and legal representative of the Chicago Police Lieutenants in addition to its fraternal duties. That being said the CPLA’s duties and responsibilities are to negotiate contracts, provide legal representation for its members and to ensure the City is held to the contract we negotiate.

The responsibility of managing and leading the Chicago Police Department belongs to the Superintendent of Police and his appointees, not us. After all, the Superintendent was hired by the City to do just that and is paid more than $300,000.00 a year to perform his duties as well as provide the leadership that the department needs.

Recognizing a lack of leadership in the CPD the CPLA is forced to step in and help provide leadership where none is present. To do this we have created a committee of Lieutenants, both board members and the rank and file, who will prepare a report with suggestions and proposals to be presented to the Superintendent. These proposals are to be a realistic plan that works within the current economical conditions the department is forced to work in. We can not expect a proposal that requires the hiring of two thousand officers to be acted upon at this time. We can however expect the department to be able to realign the manpower assignments to better utilize the officers we now have.

The committee’s report will be presented to the Superintendent as well as the media and citizens of Chicago. If the Superintendent chooses to disregard the advice and help of his well trained and experienced Lieutenants he will have to answer to the media and the people of Chicago.

For this to be effective we need a committee composed of Lieutenants from all areas of the department who are willing to devote some of their time to identify problems and develop a solution. If you are interested or have any questions please contact either or as soon as possible so that we may begin work immediately.

Joel Brunsvold PB&PA Lobbiest
(7 September 2010)

The CPLA joins the PB&PA of Illinois in mourning the passing of our dear friend Joel Brunsvold age 68. Joel died late last night after having suffered a major stroke Saturday night. Joel served as a State Representative for 20 years, representing the 71st District from 1983 to 2003. He then was appointed Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He retired from that position in 2005.

Joel was an exemplary legislator known for his independence, building strong coalitions, and bi-partisan statesmanship. He always advocated for working people especially police officers.

He became our lobbyist in 2006. A friend to all that knew him - he was a great partner for us to have at the State Capitol.

He will be deeply missed. Please keep Joel and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

(2 Sept 2010)

The Chicago Police Lieutenants Association the bargaining unit for Lieutenants of the Chicago Police Department wish to offer their support to the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 in its informational picketing scheduled for Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

The Chicago Police Lieutenants Association is well aware of the low manpower within the Chicago Police Department. We are well aware how dangerous this is for both the members of the Chicago Police Department and for the citizens of the City of Chicago.

Chicago’s strength has long been its work force. The city of big shoulders would never have been built had it not been for its organized labor. The men and woman of all police ranks are part of that work force. We share the frustrations which generate the need for this informational picketing. We share the sincerity of the members of the F.O.P. We also share the common goal of better serving the people and making Chicago a safer place to raise your family.

We encourage all citizens of this great city to respect this exercise in free speech.

Constitutional Rights Petition
(25 Aug 2010)

I am sure you have all heard, a fellow Lieutenant, John Andrews, has had the CPD take action against him for expressing his opinion regarding the actions and conditions in the Chicago Police Department. Most of you probably agree with him in spirit. but whether you agree or not a real problem exists here and that problem is the CPD's attempt to violate John Andrews' constitutional rights to free speech.

One of the basic foundations our country was built on was the right to free speech. The right to speak out and not be persecuted for what you say is something many Americans have fought and died for over the years. Additionally it is the right and perhaps even the duty of a sworn police officer to take action when something arises threatening the safety and security of the city we have all sworn to serve and protect.

With this in mind I ask you to read the attached petition, and if you agree, please sign it and send it the Chicago Police Lieutenants Association. We will collect the signed petitions and then present them to the Department. Retirees are welcome to send in a petition as well

You can get a copy of the petition for your signature here.

You can send your signed petition via department mail to:

Chicago Police Lieutenants Association
Unit 546

Or by US Mail to:

Chicago Police Lieutenants Association
1616 W. Pershing Road
Chicago, IL 60609

Please do this immediately so that we can present the package to the department as soon as possible.

Pre-age 55 Staggered Payout Option
(24 Aug 2010)

The department has agreed to allow a Lieutenant who is under the age of 55 and is retiring the option of receiving his compensatory time payout in a staggered payout plan. The payout would be under the same payout terms as outlined in our contract in the Memorandum of Understanding regarding Retiree Health Care Benefits Section C-2 Non FLSA Compensatory Time. While the retiree will still be responsible for their own health care insurance they will now have the option to spread their cashout of comp time over several years. This may be a substantial tax savings for some of our members. Please remember this is an option and not mandatory.


Today Governor Pat Quinn signed SB 3022 – Military Buyback - into law. We are very pleased to announce this major victory for our veteran members. As most of you know this piece of legislation has been part of the PB&PA’s legislative agenda for several years. This new law demonstrates the value of the hard work and diligence of the PB&PA, and our legislative allies. Police officers that have prior military service will now be permitted to purchase up to 2 years of creditable service for pension purposes.

New Gun Registration Information
(26 July 2010)

Many of our members have had questions with the new rules regarding registering your guns. This Gun Registration link will provide you with both the forms and answer a lot of your questions

THE SUMMER OF BLOOD (20 July 2010)

An article by Bob Stasch, Treasurer, CPLA

Pension Legislature (10 May 2010)

The spring legislation season is over in Sprinfield. The next session isn't till fall. No new legislation was passed. We dodged a few bullets but unfortunately we were unable to gain anything either. The attached press release sums up what happened in the last week of this session. This release is from the Public Safety Employee Coalition. We are a member of this coalition through the PBPA.

ME-TOO (20 April 2010)

Last Friday the FOP arbitration ruling was announced. Due to the Me-Too clause of our contract we will benefit from several of the primary issues in the ruling. As soon as the City ratifies the arbitrators ruling we will begin to benefit from the following:


Effective Date Increase
7/1/07 1%
1/1/08 3%
1/1/09 2%
1/1/10 1%
1/1/11 2%
1/1/12 1%
Total 10%

Duty Availability Allowance

Effective Date Increase Benefit PerQuarter (Currently $730.00 / quarter)
1/1/11 $25 $755
1/1/12 $50 $805

Physical Fitness Incentive

Increase from $250 to $350 effective upon ratification.

Life Insurance

Increase from $25,000 to $75,000

Quarterly Differential

The quarterly differential shall be increased by the same percentage increase as the base salary.

Retro Pay

We will receive a check for all retro pay probably within 120 days of ratification.

Flower Fund Challenge Coins

The CPLA sends flowers whenever there is a death of a member either retired or active or in the event an immediate member of their family passes away. This can easily run over $3000 per year. If you would like to make a $10 donation to our flower fund please contact a member of the CPLA Board. For your $10 donation you will receive a limited edition Chicago Police Lieutenants Association (year 2010) Challenge Coin. Only three hundred coins have been minted. No more will be made for 2010.

The History of Challenge Coins and a photo of our coin can be found at this link.

Kid – this job ain’t what it used to be…

When we went through the police academy we all had someone tell us "kid – this job ain’t what it used to be." Well it ain't. No matter when you came on the job it is never the same as it used to be. However, some things do stay the same.

In 1968 after the Democratic Convention the Chicago Police were blasted by the media across the country as thugs and the enemy. The Chicago Police Officers at the convention were ordered there. They did not freely choose to be there like the demonstrators who attended the Battle on Michigan Avenue. The Officers were there doing their duty. Politicians and Officials called for federal indictments. Eight Chicago Police Officers were charged with civil rights violations, forty one officers were disciplined after an internal police investigation. Oh, by the way 119 Police Officers were injured during the convention.

In the last two years there have been a few incidents regarding Chicago Police Officers. Modern electronic and print media have sensationalized these events. Television stations have played over and over the same video clips. Newspapers have rehashed old stories. All this is in an attempt to raise ratings and sell ad space. What better way for someone who wants media coverage right now then to stand on the podium or pulpit and to slam the police, to call for indictments and investigations.

Don't let a little thing like due process stand in the way. To these people seeking media coverage little things like a statute of limitations mean nothing. Pleading guilty to a crime and serving your punishment is no longer protection from further prosecution. It is apparent that the bigger the city and the bigger the organization the more it is susceptible to political correctness and less concern it has for actual justice.

There is an old adage in criminal justice studies that says "Society gets the police it deserves."

Keeping this all in mind, we as Chicago Police Lieutenants have several responsibilities. First we need to ensure that the officers who are in our charge have the knowledge, training and leadership to help them make the proper decisions as they go about the performance of their duties. Give them the tools to help them make it through their off duty lives without jamming themselves up. Let them know that, truly, this job ain’t what it used to be. We need to show them the correct way to do things and we need to set the example for them to follow. We need to take care of our people! Those of us who are fortunate enough to rise further in rank need to remember this.

Second we need to ensure that we make the proper decisions ourselves both in our role as Lieutenant as well as when we are off duty. No longer can you rely on the city or police department to watch your back. You have to watch your own. We all have too much to loose. Society is no longer happy with a mere pound of flesh in retaliation for what it perceives to be a wrong by a police officer. Now they want to ruin that officer’s life completely and are not satisfied until that happens.

The podium and pulpit have not mentioned the fact that, in spite of, the recent media thrashings that Chicago Police have taken, when shots ring out in the neighborhoods and they are ducking for cover behind their podium and pulpit that it is the members of the Chicago Police Department that are racing to their aid. For some reason that poor slob of a police officer who races to the call is protecting the very same people who gave them dirty looks, called them fat and sloppy, called them thugs and enemy.

We had a Lieutenant back in the late 80's that always ended roll call with "run low and zig zag." Well kid - that ain’t changed. It isn't just the bad guys who are taking shots at you today. Be safe.

The Representatives and Executive Board of the Chicago Police Lieutenants Association

Police Related Shootings

If you are involved in a shooting, on or off duty, you should know that the CPLA will respond as soon as we are notified. Our Board of Directors work and reside throughout the city and have been provided with reference manuals to aid you during the investigation. We will have a union representative there as expeditiously as possible. In addition to a Board Member, a lawyer from our firm will also respond.

To best protect your rights it is important that you follow the department guide lines concerning police involved shootings. Familiarize yourself with these. Remember that you are required to provide the ranking member on the scene (one on one) with a synopsis of what happened. For instance, the following is a valid response to the boss prior to consulting with your union representative and attorney:

"I responded to the suspicious person call. I tried to stop the subject who refused to comply with me after I told him I was the police. He produced a gun. I was in fear for my life and I had no other choice so I shot several times at him and hit him. I shot in a southerly direction and there are no other suspects."

This type of response provides the investigators with the information that there are no other suspects and that if you missed with any shots they went in a direction that can be checked for evidence and/or someone else shot. You provided the required information that you identified yourself, the offender had a deadly weapon, you were in fear of death or great bodily harm and you exhausted the Use of Force Model. A more detailed report will be filed later once you have had a chance to consult with your union representative and your attorney.

Since the new IPRA now responds promptly to any shootings, stand your ground if they intend to query you in more detail. Tell them you wish to consult with the union and your attorney. They are required to abide by the department orders and our contract in providing you with your rights.

You should also know that a "U Number" will be obtained. This documents a referral number to an individual incident where Chicago Police Officers fire their weapons. A Log number will also be obtained and more than likely will be converted to a CR investigation down the line.

Your General Handbook has the 24hr. contact number (312-332-7432) you should call if you are involved in a shooting or are investigating a shooting where a fellow lieutenant is involved. Make this notification as soon as possible so we can get someone to assist you in this traumatic time.

If you respond to a police shooting as a field lieutenant or watch commander remember these same suggestions. You would not be out of line to tell an involved officer that the U Number, Log number and possibly a CR number will be obtained and that he has a right to representation by his union (no matter what rank is involved).

I hope that none of you ever has to use this advice or recommendations. Be Safe.

Robert H. Stasch